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Repairs for all Apple products

In iQ Services, we repair your Apple Products as soon as possible.

In iQ Services priority is the customer and we offer excellent service with fast and reliable repairs.

If you visit our service centre or if you send us your device, you will always have the same unique service experience.

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Why Choose IQ Services

  • Genuine Apple Parts

    The parts used from unauthorized service providers are often low quality that do not compare to genuine Apple parts. This can lead to a significant change in overall performance of the device.

    An imitation (non-genuine) part could cause additional problems for your device.

    Deteriorating colors and dispersion of brightness in the screen.

    Overheating battery or motherboard

    Short-lasting battery life etc...


  • We provide service instructed directly from Apple.


    Some Apple devices are specifically designed to not be disassembled, making it extremely difficult (nearly impossible) to be taken apart. 
    In the event that disassembly takes part, it is almost certain that there will be cosmetic damage to the device - scratches on the display and/or cracks around the edges which result in loss of resale value. 

  • With Authorized Service you continue to receive support directly from Apple

    In case of unauthorized service or third - party parts on an Apple device, even if a third-party part is used or not, the device loses the support/warranty of the provider (Apple) and a repair cannot take place at an authorized service provider - either covered by warranty or not.

  • We participate in all programs provided by Apple

    Only Authorized Service Providers can offer full support to devices under warranty and out of warranty repairs, while also handling exchange programs and other repair programs that Apple announces through their official websites.

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