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Service cost (parts not included)

You may need this repair if:

  • You suspect there is a problem with your device, or the device does not function properly, and would like to know the repair cost
Are you suspecting you have a problem with your iPhone but are not sure what it is? Do you want to sell your iPhone or gift it and want to make sure everything is in perfect condition before you give it? Maybe you are buying a used iPhone and want to ensure everything is in perfect working order before you pay for it? We can perform a quick technical check with Apple Diagnostics and find any problems.

What we do in this repair:

  • Your iPhone will be fully checked with Apple Diagnostics before begin the repair.
  • We will check the iPhone with Apple Diagnostics after the repair.
  • Service Cost includes the labor only. There is an additional charge for the cost of parts. Price may change without notice
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