New technologies at the core of the system make your Mac more reliable, capable and responsive than ever, and provide the basis for future innovations. At the same time, MacOS High Sierra improves the features and applications you use daily. The macOS operating system is now at a higher level.Experience the new exciting technologiesMacOS High Sierra introduces new technologies that enhance the most important features of your Mac. From reorganizing the data storage system, how you watch videos and unlocking the full power of the graphics processors, they all make up an amazing Mac experience.To Apple File System Manages t c your data in a whole new wayYour files. Your photos. Your mail. Your apps. Everything that's important to you for your Mac is really ... data. And the archiving system is the one that organizes them into files and folders so you can access them in one click. At MacOS High Sierra, the Apple File System presents for the first time an advanced archiving system that brings a new level of security and responsiveness.Your photos are more impressive than everYou can organize, process and browse your photos, like never before with new powerful tools, which make the use of the Photos application profitable and incredibly entertaining.ICloud "fits" all your familyNow you can share your storage space with iCloud with your entire family. Choose 200GB or 2TB and then share your space with enough space to store photos, videos, files and more.The SafariYour internet browsing is entirely your own affair.Safari uses mechanical learning to identify advertisers or monitors your online behavior and removes tracking data. So, your tour is just your own affair.Say goodbye to videos that are playing automaticallyNow, Safari blocks unexpected and unwanted videos with audio, from the very first playback, so you can navigate peacefully. Do you have a favorite site where you always want to play video? You just use the location settings in Safari and turn on auto media playback.Browse without ... postingsAutomatically use the Safari Reader for every article on the Web that supports it, so you can run sites without ads and other deviations.Your favorite pages become more personalPersonalize your Safari navigation experience by enabling special settings for selected sites, such as page size, location services, notifications, and content exclusions. So, each website appears exactly as you like.O Mac is a powerful business toolHEVC, the new compression video standardA new industry standard comes to Mac. This HEVC(High Efficiency Video Coding, also known as H.265) can compress videos up to 40% more than H.264, the current video compression standard. Using HEVC, videos flow better and take up less space on your Mac, while maintaining the same visual quality.Metal 2Metal is a technology built into macOS that allows applications to unleash the full power of the graphics processor. Now Metal 2 not only brings visual experience to the next level but also adds features such as mechanical learning, virtual reality and support for external graphics processor, for entertainment, professional and creative applications. Whether you play games or create content or develop software, Metal 2 technology gives you the power you need to give life to what you imagine.Virtual realityMacOS High Sierra allows developers to create interactive virtual reality experiences for the first time on Mac using the new Retina 5K iMac, the new iMac Pro to be released by the end of 2017 or any Mac with an external graphics processor. Source: